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The Centralia Foundation

The Centralia Foundation began over 60 years ago when it became the mission of Verne Joy, local publisher of the newspaper. His first efforts were the formation and development of Foundation Park, now 300 acres of natural serene beauty. Today, the Centralia Foundation also includes the sixth largest carillon in the world and the Centralia Recreation Complex, a 60,000 square foot multi-sport facility.

Mission Statement
"Never in the history of modern times has the welfare of mankind more urgently demanded the encouragement and promotion of gifts for charitable, benevolent, religious, civic, moral, or educational use in accordance with a plan."
~ Verne E. Joy, 1943

Afford an opportunity to persons of moderate means and persons of wealth alike to make gifts and to more efficiently provide for the distribution of income and/or principal as an aggregate community fund.  
Meet the changing needs of the community by providing flexibility of distribution.
Provide for the administration of such funds by an impartial group of persons chosen for their knowledge of the local educational, charitable or benevolent needs of the time.
Safeguard and provide for the permanent security of the principal of such gifts.
To develop and guide philanthropy to meet the ongoing, changing and emerging needs of the people of Centralia and surrounding communities, and to be a responsible steward to its donors and of its endowments.
That through the generosity of its citizens, Centralia and surrounding communities, will experience an improved, even exceptional, quality of life.

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Centralia Foundation
115 East Second Street
Centralia, IL 62801
(618) 532-7424

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