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Charitable Gifts

The Foundation Park, Recreation Complex, Carillon, scholarship funds and other projects supported by The Centralia Foundation are made possible by charitable contributions from the people of Centralia and the surrounding area. We welcome your gift, large or small, for the betterment of our community.

Charitable Deduction
The Centralia Foundation is a charitable public foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This means that all lifetime gifts to The Foundation are qualified for the charitable deduction on your income tax return, and all gifts made after death by your Will or Trust will reduce any estate taxes owed at your death.

Gifts of Property
If you give stocks, bonds or other property, the amount of your gift will be its value as of the date received. If you give property which has appreciated in value since you acquired it, there will be no capital gains tax on the increased value. In other words, you can deduct the full value of the gift for tax purposes, even if it is greater than the amount you paid for the asset initially.

Charitable Purpose
You may direct exactly how you want your gift to be used. Here are some examples:

  • You may direct that your gift be used to support an existing program, such as the ones described on this web site.
  • You may direct that your gift be used for some other specific charitable purposes.
  • You may make a general gift and direct that it be used for charitable purposes to be determined by the Trustees of The Foundation.
  • Your gift may be a perpetual endowment fund, with only the income of the fund to be used annually for charitable purposes, or you may provide for the expenditure of both principal and income over a period of time.

Free Consultation
If you would like to meet with a representative of The Centralia Foundation to discuss a potential gift, please call or office at (618)532-7424 or send an email. There is no cost or obligation to you. We will also be glad to meet with your attorney, certified public accountant, or other advisor to assist in planning a gift to The Centralia Foundation.

Designation of Gift
Any check or other gift should be made to: The Centralia Foundation, a charitable trust established by Trust Agreement dated November 23, 1943 as amended.

Centralia Foundation
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